The Stories Behind the Shoes

“I would definitely expect a personality to affect how a person dresses,” Cal Poly psychology professor Belinda Morrill said, “personality tends to be relatively enduring and consistent with what a person wears, especially if it’s something they wear consistently–like shoes.”

ImageBrittany Nelson, a first year biology major at Cal Poly, takes 3 laps around the Cerro Vista apartments at Cal Poly every day because she made it a New Year’s Resolution. “I like being specific, goals that are too broad never get done,” Nelson said. She got these shoes for Christmas and they are what sparked her resolution. “I thought I might as well put them to good use.” IMG_8793editededitedBrittany walks down to class in her “lucky boots” because she had a midterm that day. “Last time I wore these [boots] I got an A on my bio quiz, and that never happens.” Also, living in the Cerro Vista Apartments, she has to wear comfortable shoes to walk in to class because of the distance from her classes. IMG_8804editededitedBeing in the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Brittany owns own about 25+ pairs of formal shoes. “You probably think I’m exaggerating, I’m not,” she said, “I could show them all to you if you want.” These were the shortest heels she had. IMG_8899editededitedUnlike Brittany whose had her Nikes for less than a month, Hunter Caldwell has had his for over 2 years. They look brand new because he cleans them after every time he wears them. “They’re expensive shoes, they deserve to be treated that way,” Caldwell said. IMG_8891editededited“These are the most comfortable shoes I have,” Caldwell said. He wears these to class every day and with any outfit. And as an freshman architectural engineering major at Cal Poly, he’s out of his dorm and in the studio for most of his time. “Since I have class from 7AM to 7PM almost every day, I’m constantly walking around so I want to be as comfortable as possible.” IMG_8906editededitedHunter has a different idea about going out on the weekends. “I’m from Texas so line-dancing is pretty much in my blood,” he said. Caldwell wouldn’t go out line dancing at The Graduate in downtown SLO until he went home for Thanksgiving and got his cowboy boots. “You can’t [line] dance without boots, it’s just wrong.” IMG_8851editededitedBasketball was first year child development major Ryanne Martucci’s life in high school. “I almost broke my ankle in these shoes, actually,” Martucci said, “I landed on it wrong and the doctor said that the high tops on the sides provided just enough support to keep my ankle from breaking.” These are the only shoes she wears to play basketball in the rec center on Monday nights.IMG_8836editededitedConverse might be the most popular shoe for girls around Cal Poly. “I don’t wear them to jump on the bandwagon, they actually are really comfortable,” Martucci said. “I’ll have them on all day and not even realize that I never took them off.” IMG_8887editededited“If I could wear heels all day every day, I would,” Martucci said. She is in Alpha Omicron Pi, a sorority at Cal Poly. “It makes me feel like a woman when I wear heels even though it makes me taller than everyone else since I’m already 5’11”.” Ryanne has exactly 29 pairs of heels.


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