Urban Outfitters: “The Hipster”

Story Highlights:

  • Urban Outfitters background and style behind the store.
  • The “hipster” style is becoming more and more popular amongst college students.
  • The clothing at Urban keeps up with new trends constantly.
  • Students at Cal Poly who wear Urban Outfitters clothing talk about what their style is.

Urban Outfitters is located on Monterey St. in downtown San Luis Obispo.

The “Urban” Story

Urban Outfitters, “Urban”, could easily be named one of the most popular clothing stores, not only in San Luis Obispo, but all over the country for 13 to 25 year old girls and guys.

What’s a Hipster?

The style of most Cal Poly students who shop at Urban would be categorized as “hipster”. Hipsters are:

  • a composite of people with a certain retro and nostalgic life situation and style.
  • they reject mainstream culture and embrace the individual.
  • they follow the latest fashion trends and styles very closely

Hipsters have gradually become fashion icons in the last few years and Urban is constantly keeping up with this trend.


“I would describe the style here as very eclectic,” Urban Outfitters employee said, “we try our best to keep up with current and the new trends.”

Walking around Urban, a shopper would experience many different styles of clothing.

Our different styles stem from combinations of the different trends that seem to pop out of nowhere sometimes, but we keep up.

“For example, styles from the 90’s and the 70’s are becoming more and more popular right now,” Urban employee said, “so we’re constantly getting new inventory items that look like they could be from either decade.”


The way the store is decorated gives the shopper a feel for what Urban’s conveys.


The decorations at Urban keep up with new trends as well.

Student Stories

Sarah Quon, a first year nutrition major, shops at Urban Outfitters regularly. “I feel like I have a very specific style and I’m usually really picky about the clothes that I wear,” Quon said, “and I always find what I want at Urban.”


Quon has a whole rack in her closet dedicated to clothes from Urban Outfitters.


Quon shows her favorite piece of clothing from Urban Outfitters. “I bought this 2 years ago and it’s still my favorite thing I have from there.”

Contrary to what most people believe, Urban is very popular for men’s clothing as well. Trevor Melody, a 1st year journalism major, would be considered by his peers as a hipster. “I try and dress to a certain medium,” Melody said, “not to say that I follow the trend, but I would definitely say that I try and incorporate different aspects of what’s ‘in style’ into my everyday style.”

“I like to shop at Urban because they keep up with the trends I keep up with,” Melody said, “and I feel like it’s like that for a lot of people.”

Another thing about Urban Outfitters is that they are not a seasonal store. They have clothing available for all 4 seasons year-round. This is a good quality for a store to have because there is more of a variety for shoppers to choose from.

Why Urban?

All in all, Urban Outfitters has shown their popularity in San Luis Obispo through the large amount of people that wear their clothing. “I think Urban gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves,” Urban employee said, “there is so much to choose from here so you could really be whoever you want.”


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