Moondoggies Beach Club: “Cali Style”


Moondoggies is located in downtown SLO on Monterey St.

  • Moondoggies background information
  • What is the “Cali Style”?
  • Difference between girl and guy “Cali Style”
  • Brands at Moondoggies
  • People who shop at Moondoggies

What on Earth is a Moon Doggy?

A moon doggy is the ring that sometimes appears around a full moon. It is not an object of any sort, but instead a visual effect. It looks to our eyes like a perfect halo of light surrounding the moon.

Without the moon there wouldn’t be a tide.

Moondoggies employee Kayla said. “The tide means everything to a surfer. I think it was the ancient Hawaiians used to say that the surf would always be the best after a full moon, hence why this store is called Moondoggies.”

Moondoggies Beach Club, a surf shop located in downtown San Luis Obispo, is one of the most popular retail stores for teens looking for beach, swim, surf, and skate attire.

What is the “Cali Style”?

California is stereotyped into one category most of the time. People from California are usually thought of as surfers and skaters and that’s it. People who use “dude”,”bro” and “like” more than the average person. And although California is not just huge coastline (contrary to popular belief), this beach-like, laid back style filters its way from border to border.

For girls, the “Cali Style” usually consists of loose crop-tops, low rise demin shorts, and strappy sandals. Also, non-fitted dresses (short and long) synched near the upper torso are popular as well.

For guys, the “Cali Style” consists of loose tank tops/muscle tees, above the knee board shorts, flip flops, and sunglasses.


The colors of these hats are a representation of most of the colors you’ll find within this style.

The color scheme for this style is the same for guys and girls. It consists of washed-out/intentionally faded bright colors like pink and blue. Guys tend to wear more neutral colors like white and tan as well more often than girls do.

What Can You Expect?

“We carry several top named brands here. We have everything from Billabong to Quicksilver and most everything in between,” Moondoggies employee Kayla said.

Some other popular brands found at Moondoggies are:

  • Roxy
  • Volcom
  • Hurley
  • O’Neill
  • Rip Curl

The store sells mostly attire for surfing, skating, and going to the beach, but it sells the surfboards and skateboards as well.

Who Shops There?


Cal Poly first year Hannah Apa can spend hours shopping here. “I can never decide what to buy, it’s kind of a issue sometimes.”

“I was so happy to find out there was a good surf shop in SLO when I first got here,” first year biology major Hannah Apa said. “When I walked in I felt like I was back at home, it was so refreshing.”

“I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t here because I left all my surf stuff at home,” first year civil engineering major Dade Apao said. “I got all new gear from Moondoggies at the beginning of the school year and it’s lasted really well. Plus they have all the same brands that I usually buy which was pretty cool. I also had to buy a wetsuit because the water is so cold here so I was happy that it wasn’t too expensive.”

“We Don’t Just Go Surfing…We Live Surfing!”

“I think our motto fits our store well,” Moondoggies employee Kayla said, “It’s the perfect place for someone to come if they want to relax their style.”

Rolling with the Tides Since 1986

Moondoggies Beach Club has been accommodating surfers, skateboarders, and beach-goers on the Central Coast for almost 30 years.

This store is quickly becoming one of the most popular surf shops in the SLO area.

“Sometimes I like to just hang out there,” Apa said, “even just the atmosphere of it makes you feel like your at the beach on a hot summer day. It’s such a cool feeling.”


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