Forever 21: “The Street Style”

Story Highlights

  • Forever 21 is one of the most popular clothing retail stores in the US
  • “Street Style” is growing among young adults
  • Forever 21 in San Luis Obispo is the largest retail clothing store in town
  • Cal Poly student stories

Forever 21 is located on Madonna Rd. off of Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo.

With over 450 stores in the United States and nearly 100 stores worldwide, Forever 21 is consistently proving to be one of the most popular retail clothing stores for young teens and adults–especially college students.

From the Streets to the Store

The term “Street Style” stems from the many different styles of trendsetters that strut the streets of fashion capitals around the world.

Although the happiest (and now friendliest) town in the country isn’t classically known as a fashion capital, Forever 21 is doing it’s best to keep up with the newest trends that are fresh off the streets of iconic fashion cities like Los Angeles and New York City. “We get new inventory almost every week so say you’re looking for something in the store on Monday, it may be gone by Friday. That’s how fast the trends go in and out,” Forever 21 employee Casey said.

Size (of the store) Matters


Forever 21 has several different kind of styles ranging from casual to Bohemian to even sleepwear.

One of the unique aspects of the Forever 21 in SLO is its size. According to the Forever 21 store manager, this store is nearly 3 times the size of a typical Forever 21 store. “It can definitely be overwhelming stocking the inventory here but you get used to it. I’ve learned this store like the back of my hand, you kind of have to if you don’t want to get lost,” Casey joked.

Student Stories

Cal Poly students are only a 25 minute bus ride away from the largest clothing retail store in San Luis Obispo.


Forever 21 has 6 sections of the store that are dedicated to popular styles for young adults in order to make the shopper’s experience easier.

First year English major Tori Saunders has shopped at Forever 21 several times during the school year.

“I like to shop at Forever 21 because they always have a wide variety of styles,” Saunders said, “I can always find something that I like.”

First year child development major Ryanne Martucci also shops at Forever 21 frequently. “I can always get a bang for my buck,” Martucci said, “and since most of the material isn’t the highest quality I don’t have to worry about ruining it or washing it wrong which is nice because the washing machines in the dorms can ruin things pretty easily.”

Styles for Less

Another unique aspect of Forever 21 is that it sells its clothing for much less than most clothing retail stores like it. “It’s really not that expensive either,” Saunders said, “so as a college student on a budget that is a great thing.”


A lot of the clothing is bright with bold patterns, making it easy to stand out in a crowd.

Some of the specific styles found at Forever 21 are:

  • Preppy
  • Bohemian
  • Gothic
  • Classic/Vintage

21 Forever

“I think that the purpose for this store is to sell clothes to all ages and either remind them of the best time in their life or give them a taste of what they have to look forward to,” employee Casey said, “it’s kind of awesome if you think about it.”


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