Biggest Upcoming Trend for Summer 2014


These pants, known as wide-leg pants, are becoming one of the most popular trends among women because of their versatility and comfortableness.

Story Highlights

  • What are “Big Pants”?
  • Why they are becoming so popular
  • Background of small business Leslie James Fashions
  • How Leslie James is changing to meet demands

Look Out Summer 2014

There are a lot of trends that are going to be hitting summer 2014 with a splash, but there is one in particular that will be creating the biggest wave. There are about a million different names for this trend–Linen Pants, Palazzo Pants, Wide-Leg Pants, Flare Pants,  Chambray Pants, and even more. For less confusion, I like to call them “Big Pants”.

“I want to wear them because they are so comfortable,” 1st year theater major Sophie Canter said, “and they’re stylish enough to wear anytime.”

Clothing stores around not just San Luis Obispo, but the country, are starting to sell these types of pants “like hot cakes,” Urban Outiftters employee said. “It’s kind of funny actually because I remember pants like this being popular when I was a kid in like the 90’s and now they’re coming back,” she said, “just like all those vintage trends–they come back but in a new way like it’s a new trend, but it’s really the same.”

“You could literally wear them anywhere,” Canter said, “you could go to bed in them, wake up, put on a cute top and some eyeliner and be ready for the day. It’s that simple.”

photo 2

Sheri Baker (left) with photographer Robyn Preston at Robyn’s showcase for her Senior Portrait Collections. Baker displayed some of her best work on the table for potential buyers to freely look at.

Homemade Happiness with Leslie James

A small business called Leslie James Fashions was created by long-time best friends Sheri Baker and Sue Meada. Their business is centered around both of their amazingly creative minds and excellent sewing abilities.

They’ve built up their business by

  • making their own products at home
  • selling them in craft shows and
  • being vendors for a variety of showcases.

“Pretty much what I do is I go downtown (Los Angeles) and I buy up so many different kinds of fabric. Everything is so inexpensive downtown,” co-creater Sheri Baker said, “then I take it home and start making patterns and sewing. In a week or so I can rattle off a few dozen headbands and probably a dozen pairs of pants.”

photo 4

Leslie James pants were originally intended for yoga and stretching until they became more popular for every day use. (photo by Sue Meada)

Expanding Horizons

“The pants were originally made to be like yoga pants or like stretching pants,” Baker said, “but we’ve started to make more of a variety of them because of the recent demand from people wanting to wear them on just an everyday basis.”

Baker and Meada’s business is most likely about to see a spike in their popularity and pants sales this summer.

“I think it’s super cool that they’re homemade,” 1st year journalism major Leah Horner said, “it’s something that you can brag about when people compliment you them you can be like ‘thanks, they’re homemade!’ and impress people. It’s trendy to be thrifty like that these days.”


One of the many styles of Leslie James “Big Pants” that are made by Baker and Meada.

“Not much of my closet is homemade clothes, actually none of it is, and it makes it that much more special,” Canter said, “I like that I know where and who I’m getting it from.”

The Pants Are Definitely Back

Of all the styles from past decades that are starting to come back into style, “Big Pants” is definitely one of the most popular. It seems that wherever you look, some girl has them on and by this summer, that number will only get larger!


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